personal styling

You are on the go! You are busy! When it comes to shopping and styling yourself you have no idea where to begin. I am here to help and this is how it works.


What are youR wardrobe and styling needs?

I need to and want to know a little bit about you. To help me out, answer these questions. Let's get started.

The Wardrobe edit

After learning about your wardrobe challenges, I come into your closet and start your edit. It's simple. I'll create categories of keep, donate, garbage and alterations as we go through your wardrobe. Then, I organize all your items back into your closet. It's a brand new way of seeing your wardrobe.


Styling Tips and Lookbook

Imagine pictures of complete outfits organized on your phone/iPad so figuring out what to wear is as easy as opening your photo album. This will not only save you time getting ready, but it will help you broaden your styling abilities.

Your Personal Shopper

If you need to incorporate some new pieces into your wardrobe, I hand-pick your items. Whether its to maximize what you currently have or you're shopping for a special occasion, I'm here to save you time. I go shopping and work within your budget and style. I bring your items to you. You keep what you love and I'll return what you don't. If you want to shop on your own I can give you a shopping list.