Fall Staple: The Cardigan

They may be hiding in the shadows of our chunky knit pullovers, but the cardigan is something to spotlight this Fall. It’s practical. It’s versatile. And it's designed so many ways. In this post I’ll be talking style tips on how to give your long(er) cardigans a new life.

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Wrap It Up

During this transition period from Fall to Winter, add your cardigan as a layer when you bundle up. Layer a lightweight knit with your thicker cardi. With the smallest accessory, you can create a wrap like effect with your cardigan - raid your grandma's jewelry drawer and look for an old pin or broach. While you run your errands around town you can keep the wind from opening up your cardigan and stay cozy!

Use this trick in the office too. Style your cardigan with a simple black sheath. Using a pin, close up your cardigan to make it look like a wrap sweater. The slightest cinch can make your cardigan look dressy. Slip into some pumps and you are set.

Dress It Up (Literally!)

If your cardigan is long enough to wear as a dress, DO IT! Wear a slip underneath for an extra layer. For a more tailored look, cinch the waist with a thin belt or use the pin trick.

Throw a Print Under Your Cardigan

Layer one of your fav printed tanks under your cardigan. Maybe you are loving on the leopard print - layer that under your cardi, tuck it into a high waisted skinny jeans and you are set. Leave the cardigan open so you can show off the print.


Let Your Cardigan Sparkle

I have had some clients tell me that their sequin pencil skirts have been collecting dust - break out this fun piece for brunch with the girls! Step into that sequin skirt, tuck in or side knot a white tee and finish the look with a cardigan. Leave it open and wear it with your freshest kicks before the snow hits the ground. Viola! You are brunch ready. Make sure you have a mimosa for me too, okay? Okay!

So there you have it friends, different ways to wear a staple in the closet: The Cardigan. Now, i’ve given you styling options for a cardigan that's on the longer side, but if you need any style tips on how to style other lengths, click the reply button and drop me a note.