Living a Happy, Organized Life (Pt. II)


Alright friends, in late May I shared some organization tips that will lead you to a happy, organized life. Who cleaned out their linen closet after reading that blog? Raise your hand! You go girl!

In part II I’m taking you into my closet and in Henry’s room. Let’s go! 


The master closet:

Mike and I do not have a huge, lavish walk-in closet. A nice closet isn’t justified by size. It’s justified by how efficiently you use the space.

The first tip I give my customers when organizing their closet: all your hangers must be the same. You will have a much more cohesive looking closet with matching hangers.  Make sure all the hooks face the same direction too. Second tip: space saving hangers. My favorite hangers are the velvet, space saving hangers. Even if you have a large closet and space is not an issue, these hangers are great because they don’t ruin your garments. Plastic hangers tend to leave “stretch marks” on the shoulder. The velvet hangers “hug” your clothes, holding the garment on the hanger as opposed to your fabric stretching off the hanger. I use these hangers from The Container Store.  


Have more questions on creating a functional, practical and organized closet? Drop me an email. I’d love to help!


Henry’s Room:

Henry’s room is the smallest room in the house. When I designed his room I made sure that I utilized every square inch to its fullest organizing potential. When I was picking out furniture for his room, I knew I didn’t have space for a changing table. I decided I would change his little bum on the dresser by using the peanut.

While shopping for Henry’s dresser I knew it needed to be a descent size. Instead of having four or six drawers, I needed eight. I use the closest drawer to Henry’s changing station for his diapers and wipes. I use one of the large bottom drawers for storage. I place all the extra wipes, diapers and baby care products in there. I use these drawer dividers from The Container Store and they work perfectly in this space.

Henry’s Nightstand:

The kids and I are constantly cozying up and having story time. I wanted books to be easily accessible for Henry and not high up on a shelf. The moment I saw this three tiered cart at The Container Store I knew it was going to be a perfect night stand. I am killing two birds with one stone - the cart acts as book holder but at the same time is Henry’s nightstand. There’s enough room for him to put a cup of water or his favorite train of the week on the top shelf. For only $30 I found the perfect piece that combines function with style.


The Floating Basket:

Probably one of the best organizing ideas I came up with in my home is the floating basket. Luke and Henry play with their toys all over the house. You better believe I will not allow them to leave all their toys sprawled over the living room. Let me give you an example: When the boys go to bed, I want to be in my adult space and don’t want to see, step over or, specifically, step on toys.

For the most part, the basket stays in the living room. It’s function: Toys downstairs that “live” in Luke and Henry’s room get tossed in there. This way my adult space is toy and clutter free. The following days, we make time to sort through the toys in the “floating basket” and put them in their designated homes. 

This basket is perfect because it’s large and sturdy. The opening is wide enough to put small and large objects inside and the handles are comfortable to hold. Plus, it’s a fashionable accent. 


At the end of the day friends, these are the tricks that help me live an organized life. It feels so good walking into a space that is tidy and looks good. Just like when you get dressed, you have to feel good in order to look good. I apply the same rule to organizing my home. 

If you need organizing tips for your home, drop me a note. I can come to your home and we can tackle your organizing projects together.