The New Athleisure Trend: Sweatshirt Dresses

Like many of you babes, my life is go, go, go from the moment I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow. Which is why on behalf of mamas everywhere, I would like to take a moment to personally thank the runway gods for creating the athleisure trend. It’s a life saver for those days when your schedule is crazy, but you still want to feel like you have it somewhat together.

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This season, athleisure has added a new member to the team: The Sweatshirt Dress. With a slew of styles hitting the racks, the sweatshirt dress has officially staked its claim as one of the go-to pieces of the year. It is the perfect transition into warmer weather and ridiculously easy to style from day to night.

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with this trend just as much as I have. Here are a few of my tips and tricks on how you can incorporate sweatshirt dresses into your wardrobe.

1. From Casual to Chic

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Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 10.jpg

A sweatshirt dress isn’t only my go-to for a quick and comfy look during the day, it has also become a staple in my night out wardrobe. With a simple change of shoes, a bold lip, and some flirty accessories, you’ve instantly styled an entirely new look. 

When I am running errands with Luke and Henry, I’ll wear my sweatshirt dress with sneakers. If I am wearing it to the boutique and want to kick things up a notch, I’ll wear it with booties. Then for night, I’ll bring sexy back and wear my over-the-knee boots. 

2. Go For The Details

Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 07.jpg
Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 03.jpg
Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 02.jpg

Choose a sweatshirt dress that has a little flare to it. Whether it's an asymmetrical zipper feature or feminine lace trim, the details on a sweatshirt dress are what make it stand out. I love the detailing on these two dresses because they really look more put together and stylish.

3. Style Your Silhouette

Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 11.jpg
Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 12.jpg

Finding a style that flatters your figure is important. With all of the new styles coming out, there is a silhouette for everyone - from oversized and minimal to form fitting and sexy. 

4. Layer, Layer, Layer!

Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 14.jpg
Sanems - Sweatshirt Dress Trend - 05.jpg

It still gets pretty chilly in the spring so you can add layers to keep you warm. Layering is always key when transitioning from season to season in Chicago. Throw on a distressed denim jacket, add a belt, or layer over a button down. And don’t forget to pop your collar. Regardless of how you style it, make it reflect your personality. 

Well babes, that about covers it! These two dresses, the grey and the peach, are available at the boutique. I’ve also linked a few of my other favorite sweatshirt dress styles.