Pajamas in Public

Its Sunday morning. I have no eggs. No bacon. No half and half. I must run up to the store! My son, Luke, wants to go with me and he insists on wearing his pjs. I say okay. Me on the other hand, I run up to my room and change out of them.

How can we get away with wearing our pajamas in public? The PJ top.

You obviously want to pull the look together so you don't literally look like you rolled out of bed. The white pajama top looks so fresh and I love the black piping. I find it to be a classic looking piece which will make it easy to style for the streets.

I balance the outfit by pairing my pj top with skinny jeans - Something that I always wear. I make the outfit pop with 2 statement pieces. The first one is my patch clutch. I am obsessed with anything that has patches on it, and the pom pom is an added bonus. The second statement are my bracelet stacks. I used to work for COACH and one of my first purchases as an employee was not a handbag, it was these 2 silver bangles. I stacked on my Stella&Dot spike bracelet and the linked one for more hardware and texture. I opted for something simple for my footwear. I wanted the bracelets and the clutch to pop. 

I was on the hunt for a blocked heel sandal in a neutral color. When I spotted these from a distance I didn’t know what materiel they were made of. I just loved the color. The closer I got, I realized they were velvet - I was crushing over them! They were a major steal at $35. Yes, $35! Go. And. Get. Them. Now.

If you have any styling questions or would like more tips, drop me a message. Have fun, loves, and always remember its not just about looking good, but feeling good, too.