Meet Sanem


Sanem D’Angelo

Personal Stylist | Boutique Owner | Blogger

Hello fashionistas, I'm Sanem. Growing up, I had a love for fashion. I read the latest trends in the fashion mags, but what I did most was observe people. My travels to Europe as a child visiting family also allowed me to see all the diversity in fashion.

After college I worked different corporate jobs in the advertising and fashion industry. I had a strong desire to be my own boss - to operate my own business and have it be fashion related. Nowadays I have the privilege of assisting women who enter my brick and mortar women's clothing boutique, Sanem's.

I'm styling women everyday and helping them express themselves through their clothes. If running my boutique wasn't enough of a fashion dose, I'm also a personal stylist, traveling to women's homes to help them organize their wardrobe and closet.

Come and visit Sanem's so you can receive the personalized shopping experience you deserve.

XO, Sanem